Gutter Services

Maintaining your gutter system is key to keeping your home dry and free from damp. Debris including leaves, soil and moss can collect in the gutters. This will cause a blockage, and unfortunately can result in water over flowing back on to your property, which will create damp. It is important that you regularly maintain and clean your gutters. We would recommend this was done bi-annually, although if your house is located directly under trees more frequent cleaning may be required. It is important to do this pre-winter, as debris will cause water to collect, freeze and then expand which can damage your gutters. Of course, any water that does collect will cause rust on metal gutter systems, reducing their life span. Walkers provide a full gutter cleaning, maintenance and repair service. We will clear the gutter of all grass, moss, soil, leaves and other debris.

Where the are joints in the gutter we will clean and reseal to ensure a leak free joint. We will inspect the down pipes, and check for blockage. We will inspect the system, including gutters, brackets and downpipes for any damage and inform you on the best course of action. If you would like to discuss your requirements further please don't hesitate to contact for a free no obligation quote.


Every section of the gutter is cleared, cleaned and inspected to ensure trouble free drainage for your roof.


Working as a team, we can ensure all maintenance is carried out quickly, and trouble free. 


It's important to get your drains inspected at least once a year, to avoid costly damage to your property.

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